This year 2016 Company is going to step ahead to participate in National Economic growth by facilitating to entrepreneur by assisting them high tech farming:-

1. Vistara practical farm training.

2. Vistara partnership farming.(Vistara group of farms )

3. Vistara nursery.

4. Vistara consultancy.

Due to lack of practical Knowledge,farmers are unable to get maximum production at their field. As on date, there are many institute which are providing the theoretical Knowledge but practical Knowledge is missing.


1. It is one year course. Every month there will 4 session there for 48 session in year.

2. All practical operation will be done in field by using farm tools and machinery

3. Full day workshop.

4. Limited student 20 only.

5. Guest lecture may be conducted as per required .

6. This workshop is for improving productivity for better produce .

7. Cost reduces methods.

8. Farm management


1. We provide vegetable Tray nursery according to farmer requirement.

2. We use quality cocopet .

3. Standard size growth plant

4. With best quality.